• 26/05/2024 10:33

Prices are breaking records: how much raspberries cost in Ukraine

 Prices are breaking records: how much does raspberry cost in Ukraine

A kilogram of berries costs more than a thousand hryvnia.

In Ukraine there is an increase in demand for fresh raspberries Consumers of the berry are not deterred by its high wholesale price.

This was reported by analysts from the EastFruit project.

Analysts noted that currently the wholesale price for raspberries is up to 30 euros per kg or 1200 and more UAH/kg. Wholesalers explained that last year the demand for this berry was slightly lower.

Currently, fresh raspberries are supplied to the Ukrainian market mainly from Morocco, where this berry is harvested.

“Subsequently Morocco will be replaced on the market by Spain, from where Ukraine also usually imports fresh raspberries in May-June, until the start of harvesting early varieties of raspberries of its own production,” the report says.

Analysts predict that in 2024 there will be growth wholesale prices for raspberries in Ukraine due to rising prices on the global market for frozen raspberries.

“This will also be reflected in the prices of fresh raspberries, which will most likely be sold more expensive than a year earlier,” they added .

Earlier it became known that some products began to become cheaper in Ukraine. Compared to February, in March of this year average prices for goods in Ukraine decreased by 0.2%.


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