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Prices for apples are rising in Ukraine: the cost is breaking records

 In Ukraine they are rising apple prices: the cost breaks records

The fruit will increase in price in the future.

Since the beginning of this year in Ukraine apples have risen in price significantly. In addition, prices for this fruit will subsequently set records compared to previous seasons.

Tatiana Popovich, head of the marketing department of the wholesale agricultural produce market “Shuvar”, spoke about this.

It is noted that The average market price for apples is 25-30% higher than in the same period in 2023. However, prices may rise further due to a seasonal decrease in the volume of domestic products.

“One of the reasons for this rise in price is the limited supply of quality apples, as well as the fact that many gardeners save quality fruits for sale at a later date.” timing,” says Popovich.

Experts believe that, given seasonality and current trends, further increases in apple prices are possible in the second quarter of 2024.

As reported, In Ukraine, cucumbers have rapidly fallen in price. So far, greenhouse plants are selling cucumbers at 65-100 hryvnia per kilogram. On average, this is 32% lower than last week.

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