• 29/05/2024 14:47

Shmygal told where the help from the United States will go

 Shmygal told where it will go assistance from the United States

The total amount of assistance is almost 61 billion dollars.

The head of government of Ukraine Denis Shmygal said where funds from the United States will be sent if the Senate approves a bill to help Ukraine of almost $61 billion.

The head of government wrote about this on his Facebook page.

< p>He noted that of the total assistance, 49.9 billion will go to defense spending.

“The total amount of assistance is almost 61 billion dollars:

  • 49.9 billion – defense spending
  • 7.8 billion – potential budget support
  • 1.57 billion – economic assistance
  • 400 million – funds for border protection and humanitarian demining.”

The Prime Minister stressed that Ukraine expects successful approval of the bill in the Senate in the coming days.

“Its implementation will mean more weapons for Ukraine, including long-range weapons and systems Air defense. Strengthening macro-financial sustainability, including in financing the highest priority budget expenditures. Continued rapid restoration, first of all, of critical infrastructure,” he added.

We would like to remind you that it was previously reported that the Senate said thatthe vote for the bill on assistance to Ukraine will take place on Tuesday, April 23.

In addition, we previously reported that US President Joe Biden commented on the vote for aid to Ukraine in Congress.


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