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The collapse in prices for the popular berry is a consequence of fierce competition in the market

 Collapse prices for the popular berry - a consequence of fierce competition in the market

In Ukraine, the supply of strawberries on farms in the western regions has rapidly increased.

In In Ukrainethis week, prices for strawberries (strawberries) from local farms have sharply decreased.

EastFruit project analysts report this.

Experts call the main reason for the situation, first of all, the rapid increase offers of this berry from farms in the western regions. At the same time, demand, as manufacturers note, is low. As a result, in conditions of fierce competition, gardeners were forced to significantly reduce the price of this perishable product.

Even before last weekend, farmers refused to sell strawberries from film greenhouses for less than 60-100 UAH/kg ($1.52-2. 54/kg). But already at the beginning of this week, when the southern and western regions began to collect berries in the open ground, prices immediately fell by 40% – to 35-60 UAH/kg ($0.89-1.52/kg).

< p>At the same time, it should be taken into account that the supply of local strawberries on the Ukrainian market has not yet reached its peak and the mass harvest of this berry will begin towards the end of this month.

Note that now prices for garden strawberries have already dropped lower than last year.

In the same period last year, the supply of strawberries on the Ukrainian market was significantly lower than today, given the rather late start of the sales season. As a result, selling prices for garden strawberries in Ukraine were on average 40% higher than today.

Recall that greenhouse tomatoes have recently become cheaper in Ukraine. The reason is said to be an increase in sampling in farms throughout the country, as well as a decrease in demand in this segment.


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