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The cost of onions has increased in Ukraine: what is the price

 The cost of onions has increased in Ukraine : what is the price

There is a demand for this vegetable among buyers.

Sales prices are rising in Ukrainian stores and markets for last year's onions. The cost of the vegetable has jumped by almost 40%.

This is reported by the EastFruit profile portal.

It is noted that at the beginning of May onions are sold in the range of 12-18 hryvnia per kilogram – this is an average of 39% more expensive than at the end of the last working week.

Experts attribute this to a significant reduction in supply and a decrease in stocks of vegetables on farms. In addition, experts note the acceleration of trade activity in the market, which also contributes to higher prices.

The cost of onions will not increase further. After all, the quality of the product is no longer very satisfactory.

By the way, now onions in Ukraine cost on average 64% cheaper than at the beginning of May 2023.

As reported, banana prices in Ukraine have reached a new record.Currently, the wholesale price of bananas in Ukraine is $1.26 US dollars per kg and exceeded last year's record of $1.23 per kg.

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