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The National Bank predicted the cost of communal services in Ukraine

The National Bank predicted the cost of communal services in Ukraine

Electricity tariff will increase.

Housing and communal services in Ukraine will grow to economically feasible levels within several years.

This is stated in the Inflation Report of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Subsidized electricity tariffs in Ukraine for household consumers may grow faster. This is due to the difficult situation in the energy sector as a result of Russian attacks.

“Fixing tariffs for certain housing and communal services, including gas, heating and hot water, remained a significant factor in curbing the growth of the administrative component of inflation. The increase will be significant pro-inflationary factor,” the report says.

Low inflation may be caused by a long delay in decisions to increase tariffs for housing and communal services. The state of state-owned energy companies, as stated in the document, will worsen the accumulation of quasi-fiscal imbalances. This will aggravate the risks of instability in the domestic energy market and worsen the investment potential of the industry, while price pressure will only be postponed into the future.

At the same time, the timing and parameters for adjusting housing and communal services tariffs “are an area of ​​uncertainty.”< /p>

In Ukraine over the past year there has been a significant increase in the cost of housing and communal services. The State Statistics Service reported that on average tariffs increased by 13%.


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