• 17/04/2024 14:49

The waiting time for trucks to cross the border in Doroguska is 21 days.

Час очікування вантажівок на перетин кордону в Дорогуську становить 21 добу

Exclusive As of today, the waiting time to cross the border at the Dorogusk-Yagodin checkpoint is 500 hours, that is, almost 21 days.

Police representative of the city of Kholm, Eva Chyzh, said this in a comment to an Ukrinform correspondent, Ukrinform reports.

We estimate that there are currently 1.3 thousand trucks in the queue. The queue is 35 km to the village of Bezek Kolonia in the Siedliszcze commune. The waiting time is 500 hours (almost 21 days – ed.),” Chizh noted.

She noted that that night Polish protesters allowed one truck to the border for three hours, and in the morning they began to let more: three trucks for one hour.

According to her, the situation is constantly changing, and it is Polish carriers who determine how many trucks to pass within one hour.

As reported, the head of the protest of carriers in Doroguska, Edita Ozigala, previously informed that after seven weeks the protest did not bring results, so the carriers decided to intensify the protest and allow only one truck to pass for three hours.

The day before, the waiting time to cross the border at this checkpoint was 30 days.

As reported, on November 6, Polish carriers began blocking truck traffic near the three largest checkpoints on the border with Ukraine: Korcheva – Krakovets, Grebnoye – Rava-Russkaya, Dorogusk – Yagodin.

Among the main demands is the return of the practice of permits for Ukrainian carriers, abolished by the agreement with the European Union until June 30, 2024.

Since Sunday, December 24, Polish farmers have suspended the blockade of traffic for trucks near the checkpoint in Medice until January 2-3. Meanwhile, Polish carriers refused to do this and continue to block the roads in front of the checkpoints in Doroguska, Korcheva and Grebenna.


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