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Third payment for gas: how much Ukrainians will pay for the new service next year

 Третья платежка за газ: сколько украинцы будут платить за новую услугу в следующем году

The payment amount will average about 25-65 UAH per month, depending on the house.

From January 2024, Ukrainians will receive a new payment in their utility bills. Residents of apartment buildings using gas will have expenses intended for the maintenance of gas pipes within the entrance and apartment.

The Observer publication writes about this.

Starting from 2024, Ukrainians will pay 25-65 UAH per month for maintenance of gas pipes inside the house. A local gas operator or other approved company may be hired to carry out this work.

The new payment for gas is regulated by three documents approved by the Ukrainian government: order of the Ministry of Energy No. 292 of September 2, 2023, resolution of the national regulator (NEURC) No. 2291 of December 5, 2023, and a methodology for calculating the cost of maintenance developed by NEURC.

The cost of maintenance of intra-house networks will be different for different regional gas companies, as explained on the Gazseti portal. They must be published on the relevant portals of regional gas companies. After setting the price, the condominium owner or the owner of the house must enter into an appropriate standard agreement either with a local gas transmission operator or with another institution that will monitor the technical condition of the pipes.

The money that Ukrainians will pay under the third payment for gas will go towards maintenance:

  • once a year – visual inspection of gas pipelines
  • once every six months – check for tightness of connections
  • once every three years – pressure leak test
  • once a year – check locking devices, automation, ventilation, alarms, etc.

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