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Ukrainian greenhouse tomatoes have appeared on the market: prices are staggering

Ukrainian ones have appeared on the market greenhouse tomatoes: prices are stinging

Imported tomatoes are much cheaper.

The first batches of greenhouse tomatoes from local factories appeared in Ukrainian markets and stores last week . Prices for tomatoes are much more expensive than in the past.

This was reported by analysts of the EastFruit project.

The first greenhouse tomatoes from Ukrainian producers cost 120-140 hryvnia per one kilogram. The price is on average 67% higher than the first batches of these vegetables last year.

Experts note that last year, Ukrainian greenhouse plants shipped the first batches of tomatoes to the market on average a week and a half later than this season. However, now, due to unfavorable weather, the harvest of greenhouse tomatoes remains small.

Analysts note that there are imported tomatoes from Turkey on the market. Their cost is much cheaper than from Ukrainian greenhouses. Thus, the cost of a kilogram of imported tomatoes is 70-80 hryvnia per kilogram.

As reported, potatoes have fallen in price in Ukraine. On average, the price is 13% cheaper than at the end of the last working week .

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