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What kind of pension is “shine” for Ukrainians with a salary of 20 thousand: the size will surprise

 What kind of pension “shines” for Ukrainians with a salary of 20 thousand: the size will surprise you

Today, most pensioners in Ukraine receive payments of up to 3,000 UAH. /p>

Ukrainians whose salary is 20 thousand UAH and who have 35 years of experience can count on a pension of only 5,637.6 UAH. The size of the pension in Ukraine depends on several characteristics.

This is reported by OBOZ.UA.

According to the latest data from the Pension Fund, the average salary in Ukraine, from which the unified social contribution was paid, is 16 836 UAH The ratio of a salary of 20 thousand UAH to this amount is 1.18.

So, taking into account the average salary for three years (13,559.41 UAH), 35 years of experience and the ratio of 20 thousand UAH to the average salary, the amount of future payment will be UAH 5,637.6.

Pension size in Ukraine

As for working pensioners, on average they receive payments of 6,000 UAH. In total, 10.1 million people receive pensions in Ukraine. Of these, the largest number of people (2.6 million) receive pensions in the amount of up to 3,000 UAH; 1.7 million people receive from 3,000 to 4,000 UAH; another 1.8 million Ukrainians – from 4,000 to 5,000 UAH.

So, most Ukrainian pensioners receive payments in the amount of up to 5,000 UAH.High pensions – from 10 thousand UAH – are received by 1.2 million Ukrainians.

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Let us recall that within the framework of an effective pension system, a working pensioner can receive about 60% of his usual income during a well-deserved retirement. As recommended by the International Labor Organization, the minimum guaranteed income in retirement should be 40% of usual earnings.

In Ukraine, this norm is met only for certain preferential categories (for example, retired judges can receive 80% of the salary) or towards the poorest citizens. Thus, a citizen of Ukraine with an average salary and 35 years of experience after retirement receives a payment that is 30% less than usual income.

By the way, Ukrainians with a salary of 10 thousand UAH and 35 years of experience can count on a pension in the amount of 2818.8 UAH.

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