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When will gas become more expensive for Ukrainians: Naftogaz explained

 When gas will become more expensive for Ukrainians: Naftogaz explained

Tariffs will remain stable.

Tariffs for gas in Ukraine remain at the 2022 level, since the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on regulating prices for blue fuel and prohibited changing prices.

Are changes to be expected in gas prices? – Naftogaz company said in response to an information request from the publication “Kommersant”.

The company's press service explained that they currently do not plan to introduce changes and establish new tariffs for household consumers.

“During the validity of martial law in Ukraine and six months after the month in which martial law will be terminated or cancelled, the price of natural gas for household consumers is not subject to an increase in the price applied in relations between suppliers and relevant consumers as of February 24, 2022,” explained Naftogaz.

Remember :

In Ukraine over the past year there has been a significant increase in the cost of housing and communal services. The State Statistics Service reported that on average tariffs increased by 13%.

The price of electricity – the tariff – has increased especially sharply for consumers increased by 69.7%, reaching 2.64 hryvnia per kWh. Previously, it was reported that by June 2023, prices were 1.44 hryvnia per kWh for consumption up to 150 kWh per month and 1.68 hryvnia per kWh for a larger volume of consumption.

In addition electricity,the price of services for garbage collection (by 8.7%), management of apartment buildings (by 2.7%), sewerage (by 0.7%) and water supply (by 0.8%).

Earlier it became known that Ukraine should increase tariffs for gas, heating and hot water. In 2024, Ukrainians will pay for gas, hot water and heat at the same rates as this year. However, after the lifting of the moratorium, which may occur in 2025, price increases cannot be avoided.


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