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Adaptation and integration of Ukrainians in Lithuania: what problems do refugees face?

There are more than 50 thousand Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania. Most are committed to mastering the local language and are considering staying in the country in the future. What problems do Ukrainian refugees face in Lithuania, according to a study published by the European Integration Site.

Adaptation and integration of Ukrainians in Lithuania: what problems do they face refugees

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The Center for Eastern European Studies (EESC) analyzed the adaptation of Ukrainians with temporary protection in Lithuania. More than 200 respondents took part in the survey, mostly women over 30 years old with children.

The questions included in the study related to work, medicine, education, social adaptation and integration. Some of the main trends are:

    Almost 90% of respondents plan to learn the local language, and more than half of them are motivated by gratitude to the country in which they live; 65% of respondents have a stable income in Lithuania, but many experience serious financial anxiety; Psychological trauma and mental health problems can hinder or slow down the integration process.

Among the main problems of people with temporary protection in Lithuania:

    lack of access to language courses (45.9%); complicated access to medical care, in particular long waiting times for appointments (51.2%); lack of benefits in employment (29.7%), finding housing (14%) and financial assistance (23.3%); feelings of alienation and social isolation.

Plans for the future

Although many Ukrainians currently do not have a clear plan for the future due to the ongoing war, 64% of respondents would consider applying for Lithuanian citizenship.


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