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Arakhamia: there will definitely be no seizure of accounts of draft dodgers, but other coercion – yes

The head of the Servant of the People faction, David Arakhamia, assured that certain norms from the draft law on mobilization proposed by the Ministry of Defense will definitely not be supported by the Verkhovna Rada and will be changed, however, a certain coercion for those evading mobilization will still be introduced, but what kind of force remains to be seen dont clear. He said this on air at the telethon, reports Liga.net.

Arahamia: there will definitely be no seizure of accounts of draft dodgers, but other coercion — yes

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Answering the question about what provisions of the bill on mobilization, supported by people's deputies in the first reading, are absolutely unacceptable for the pro-government faction, Arakhamia said that there are many of them.

In particular, these are the rules relating to people with disabilities and their caretakers (no changes will remain, the current editorial board will remain), graduate students (Arakhamia stated the “injustice” of maintaining reservation only for state employees, bypassing contract employees).

“The third thing is that we definitely do not agree with the decision of the TCC to seize the accounts of Ukrainians within the country or abroad. It just looks, frankly, like some kind of fantasy of the people who wrote this law. This definitely won’t pass, there are no votes in the Rada for this,” Arakhamia said.


Electronic agendas

He also called the issue of electronic agendas debatable. He explained how the idea came about.

“Nobody likes it when these TCC buses drive by, taking people off public transport or stopping them, or catching them in a store somewhere. That is, the TCC on the streets does not suit people. We know this and were looking for an alternative way to make sure that they do not educate people on the streets, but do the so-called planned mobilization,” Arakhamia said.

< p>He stressed that this requires “having everyone on the same system.” The People's Deputy recalled the law on the digitalization of the army adopted in January, which will make it possible to add all those liable for military service to the register. They must obtain a “protector certificate” like the COVID certificates in Die. This certificate will be received via the Internet, CNAP or TCC.

Arakhamia explained that this is necessary for the state to understand theoretically how many people can be drafted, and to plan “smartmobilization”, which would allow warning people about the fact that now they, for example, are not in the first place, but may be mobilized in a year or some other period of time. This will allow those liable for military service to prepare and begin training.

But, as Arakhamia emphasized, some are now hiding from mobilization and don’t even want to officially find employment in a company in order to avoid registration. So, given that “no one will do this voluntarily,” some kind of coercion is needed.

“What was proposed by the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff—to arrest everything—is not suitable. First of all, this is too harsh. Secondly, the state has no capacity at all… But you need to have coercion. We don't know what it will be. We will look for a balance between the first and second readings,” said Arakhamia.


The “Ministry of Finance” wrote that on January 30, 2024, a new bill on mobilization was registered in the Rada. In the new version of the bill, the Cabinet of Ministers proposed three penalties for evaders: arrest of accounts, deprivation of a driver’s license, ban on traveling abroad.

In addition, fines are provided: 17 thousand UAH for violating military registration rules and 204 thousand UAH – for violation of the legislation on defense, conscription and military service, mobilization training and mobilization.


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