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50% of Ukrainians are not interested in cybersecurity, 43% do not protect their personal data in any way – Viber survey

On the eve of Data Protection Day (January 28), the Rakuten Viber team asked Ukrainians what methods they use to stay safe on the Internet.

50% of Ukrainians are not interested in cybersecurity, 43% do not protect their personal data in any way — Viber survey

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The survey results showed that 43% of Ukrainians are confident in the security of their personal data on the Internet and do not take any additional measures.

The remaining 57% of respondents use additional methods:

    11% have an antivirus on their phone, another 4% install it on their computer, 9% enable two-factor authentication for all accounts, 7% download programs only on official websites.

Respondents also noted that they do not share their phone numbers to protect data (8%). 6% of Ukrainians set different passwords, another 4% change them frequently. The rest (8% of respondents) use all of the above methods.

To the question “What methods of protecting personal data do you use?” the answers were distributed as follows:

    I believe that everything will be fine with my data, so I don’t use anything – 43%; I have antivirus on my phone – 11%; Two-factor authentication everywhere – 9%; I don’t share my phone number anywhere – 8%; I download programs only from official sites – 7%; I use different passwords everywhere – 6%; I change passwords often – 4%; I have antivirus on my computer – 4%; All of the above, and even more – 8%.

Awareness in cybersecurity

Ukrainians were also asked whether they had become more aware of cybersecurity over the past year. 50% of respondents are not interested in this issue, 21% are doing everything to deepen their knowledge. 17% of respondents did not read anything on the topic of cybersecurity during the year for a better understanding.

12% of Ukrainians are confident that they know enough:

    6% were well versed in security measures before, even before 6% have significantly improved their knowledge over the past year.

Answers to the question “In your opinion, have you become better at understanding cybersecurity over the past year?” distributed as follows:

    Not interested in this issue – 50%; Most likely yes, I do everything for this – 21%; Most likely no, deliberately did not read anything – 17%; And I used to be really good at this – 6%; I have improved a lot in this topic, now I can give lectures – 6%.


More than 50 thousand users took part in an anonymous survey in the official channel of Viber Ukraine.


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