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A notepad with the inscription “Buy Bitcoin” was sold at auction for $1 million

On April 25, 2024, the Scarce.City auction house announced the sale of a notebook well-known in the crypto community with the inscription “Buy Bitcoin.” The lot, which became a popular meme, was sold for 16 BTC (more than $1 million). Incrypted writes about this.

A notepad with the inscription

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What is known

According to available information, the buyer of the notebook was a user known in the Web3 community under the nickname Squirrekkywrath. Some experts in the cryptosphere described the new owner of the inscription as “a veteran of the bitcoin industry.”

The funds received will be used to develop a wallet on the Lightning network based on the decentralized Urbit platform. The founder of the project is Christian Langalis, the author of the inscription that was sensational in its time.

Note that the notepad with the words Buy Bitcoin became a meme after came into view of the cameras during a speech by former Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen in 2017.

Langalis demonstrated the inscription from behind the then head of the department, who participated in hearings of the House Financial Services Committee. Subsequently, he was removed from the premises for violating the rules, and the inscription itself acquired cult status.

Representatives of the auction house Scarce.City stated that the lot had become a record-breaking sale for them. The event took place in a Bitcoin themed bar called Pub Key, located in New York.


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