• 22/06/2024 21:09

Alphabet's capitalization is again approaching $2 trillion

Alphabet's strategy in the field of artificial intelligence, after a series of failures, again inspires optimism among investors, and the company's shares have almost returned to its record value – $2 trillion, higher than only the value of Microsoft Corp, Apple and Nvidia Corp, writes Bloomberg.

Alphabet's capitalization is again approaching $2 trillion

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This week the company demonstrated its new AI model, which is ready for corporate use, despite recent failures in consumer-facing tools.< /p>

Investors may be interested in the relatively low price of the company's shares, which makes them attractive for purchase.

Analysts are confident that Google's development of products with generative AI will provide huge opportunities for growth in shares.

Overall, Alphabet intends to generate revenue by creating its own generative AI tools that can provide more precisely targeted advertising to consumers and increase revenue from advertising spending.

Alphabet's previous Gemini AI product was A setback for a firm known for its technological prowess, the company in February suspended its notoriously inaccurate image creation feature.

At its conference this week, the company showed how Gemini could be used to create advertising, prevent threats cybersecurity and the creation of short videos and podcasts. And Google also showed off a new chip designed to handle AI workloads.

Shares are up 12% this year.


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