• 17/04/2024 12:15

An Australian businessman allocated more than $3 million for mine clearance in Ukraine

Australian businessman and philanthropist Andrew Forrest, together with his ex-wife Nikola, through their Minderoo foundation, have designated a donation of 5 million Australian dollars (about $3.3 million) to help clear mines from agricultural areas of Ukraine, writes BNN.

A businessman from Australia allocated more than $3 million for mine clearance in Ukraine

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< p>This initiative focuses on northwestern and southern Ukraine to restore security and productivity in these key agricultural areas.

Forrest-supported mine clearance efforts are expected to help defuse these threats, allowing the return of normalcy to the displaced individuals and will ensure the development of agriculture.

This contribution helps solve a critical problem, since agriculture plays an important role in the economy and food security of Ukraine.

What is known about Forrest

< p>Andrew Forrest has a fortune, according to Forbes, of $19.8 billion (95th place in the world ranking of billionaires). He founded Fortescue Metals Group in 2003, specializing in iron ore mining and clean energy production. Forrest is the head of the Minderoo charity, which has already given $9.6 billion in donations.


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