• 12/06/2024 23:02

An electronic student card has appeared in the “Kiev Digital” application

An electronic student ticket for free travel can now be ordered in the “Kiev Digital” application. At the same time, existing plastic cards continue to be valid. This was reported in Kyiv Digital.

An electronic student card has appeared in the Kiev Digital application

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How to order a ticket

To order an electronic ticket you need to:

    update the application; select the “Student Order” service, fill in the student’s data and order a digital ticket; receive the student number and PIN code as soon as the educational institution confirms the data; add a student by number and PIN code to the student’s account in the “Transport Card” service.

If a plastic student has already been added to the application, then you can immediately go to its settings and turn it into a digital one. If your child does not yet have a smartphone, you can order a plastic student pass for an electronic one.


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