• 26/05/2024 11:48

ARMA received more than 112 million hryvnia in income from war bonds

The National Agency for Tracing and Asset Management (ARMA) received UAH 112 million in income from war bonds. The head of the National Agency, Elena Duma, wrote about this in her telegram channel.

ARMA received more than 112 million hryvnia in income from war bonds

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“We have more than 112 million UAH as the next payment on war bonds! Ahead is the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers for the purchase by ARMA of a new package of such bonds in the amount of UAH 1.7 billion,” she wrote.

The Duma also noted that the Verkhovna Rada is currently considering bill No. 10397, which will allow the National Agency to purchase war bonds for foreign currency funds.

ARMA has already purchased war bonds worth 3.7 billion hryvnia


< p>Earlier, the Ministry of Finance wrote that the National Agency for the Identification, Search and Management of Assets Obtained from Corruption and Other Crimes purchased war bonds for a total of 3.7 billion UAH with the seized funds of sanctioned persons.

< p>The income of the National Agency of Ukraine for the identification, search and management of assets obtained from corruption and other crimes (ARMA), from deposits and the purchase of military bonds in 2023 amounted to UAH 392 million.


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