• 16/04/2024 01:32

ATMs in Austria stopped working with Russian Gazprombank cards

Austrian ATMs have stopped issuing cash to holders of UnionPay cards of the Russian Gazprombank, the largest Russian credit institution that has not yet been subject to EU sanctions. Radio Liberty reports this.

ATMs in Austria, they stopped working with cards of the Russian Gazprombank

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What is known

In an Austrian company that processes foreign card payments, Russian journalists were told that this problem was beyond their responsibility. Gazprombank said that the bank’s partners in Austria “refuse to answer” why money is not being issued.

Gazprombank, together with DOM.rf, is one of two banks on the list of the 10 largest in Russia that did not fall under EU sanctions after winter 2022. In the fall, the European Parliament approved a resolution calling for the bank to be included in the list of sanctions. However, there is no such event in the package of sanctions adopted at the end of December 12.


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