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Autogas continues to fall in price in Ukraine

From December 22 to December 25, the average price for liquefied automobile gas in gas station networks decreased by 0.41 UAH/l to 30.73 UAH/l. This is evidenced by A-95 monitoring data, reports enkorr.

Autogas continues to become cheaper in Ukraine

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How the price has changed

At Shell gas stations, autogas has fallen in price by 1.20 UAH/l to 29.47 UAH/l.

At Ukrnafta stations the price of gas decreased by 1.10 UAH/l – to 29.90 UAH/l.

The U.GO network over the past weekend reduced the price for this type of fuel by 25 kopecks/l – to 31.36 UAH/l .

Neftek, SOCAR, Marshal reduced the price of autogas by 50 kopecks/l – to 31.49 UAH/l (the first two networks) to 30.50 UAH/l. At gas stations of other chains it has fallen in price by 0.27−1.20 UAH/l and is now sold for 28.90−31.66 UAH/l.

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Gas has fallen in price the most in the Ovis network – by 1.60 UAH/l, to 29.50 UAH/l. The least – 8 kopecks per liter – at gas stations of the Amic network, where it now costs 31.66 UAH/l.


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