• 29/05/2024 13:32

BEB examines more than 5 million bank transactions in the case of a gambling operator

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EBB checks more than 5 million bank transactions in the case of a gambling operator

Detectives Bureau Economic Security are conducting an investigation into the evasion of more than UAH 1 billion in taxes by a well-known organizer of casino gambling on the Internet. The amount of damage caused to the state is confirmed, in particular, by a documentary audit of the State Tax Service. This was reported by the BEB press service.

What is known

“The investigation has now established that the company paid players 4.5 billion in winnings, from which it did not pay personal income tax and military duty for the total amount 1.1 billion UAH. The mentioned payments were reflected not as winnings, but as a return of funds, i.e. deposits, to individuals, which allegedly were not used when participating in gambling,” the message says.

Detectives have already questioned both company employees, players and contractors, conducted searches, sent numerous requests to banking and other institutions, received a number of orders on temporary access to things and documents.

As part of criminal proceedings, bank accounts were seized operating enterprise today.

By court order, the company is allowed to pay all necessary payments to the budget, as well as pay wages.

According to the Interfax-Ukraine agency, we are talking about an online casino Cosmolot, whose co-owner Arnulf Damerau recently told the Financial Times that corrupt officials in Ukraine's security agencies and the presidential administration are trying to demand tens of millions of euros from him.


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