• 25/06/2024 11:45

Become a UGC creator of Finance.ua and get 500 UAH per video

UGC content is any type of content created by users. Those who create it are creative people who generate content for brands for money or barter.

Why we want to work with you as a UGC content creator: Finance.ua wants to dispel the myth that issuing insurance This is a difficult and lengthy process, so we want to support novice bloggers and with their help show that the insurance process is easy and fast.

How does cooperation with Finance.ua work:

Become a UGC creator of Finance.ua and get 500 UAH per video

    Leave your contact information via the link. Make a video based on the technical specifications, it can be downloaded using this link. Send the video to the manager in Telegram from the account that was specified in the registration form. Coordination of the video (up to 3 working days) by the manager. The manager will send the approval results to Telegram. If the video is accepted, payment is 500 UAH for one video.

When creating UGC content, pay attention to the points that are important for cooperation, so that your videos are guaranteed to be accepted by the Finance.ua manager and you receive your reward.

Fill out the form and become a member now!



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