• 22/06/2024 19:44

Bitcoin hashrate has reached an all-time high

Bitcoin hashrate reached a new maximum; on Monday its value was 544.6 EH/s. ForkLog writes about this.

Bitcoin hashrate has updated its historical maximum

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Cryptocurrency hashrate is the total computing power of the cryptocurrency network or the number of hashes per second that are calculated by the mining device.

The hashrate is directly proportional to the profitability of the miner or mining pool. The higher the hashrate of the miner, the higher the speed of mining a block and the chance of receiving a reward for its creation.

The day before, the difficulty of Bitcoin mining reached a maximum of 72.01 T. The indicator, correlated with the computing power of the network, increased over the year based on the results of 20 recalculations from 27.

Bitcoin hashrate has updated its historical maximum maximum

Source: Blockchain.com


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