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Business last year received UAH 181 million for employing IDPs

In 2023, the state paid UAH 181 million in compensation to employers who employed more than 14 thousand internally displaced persons. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Tatyana Berezhnaya, Ukrinform reports with a link to the press service of the Ministry of Economy.

Business last year received 181 million UAH for employing IDPs

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Payments to business

“More than 8 thousand employers received compensation from the government in 2023 for the employment of 14,400 Ukrainians forced to move from dangerous regions of the country. In total, 181 million UAH of compensation were transferred to entrepreneurs,” Berezhnaya said.

She noted that this year the amount of compensation for those who will hire migrants has been increased – from January 1, its amount has been increased to 7,100 UAH per month, and from April – to 8 thousand UAH. In addition, the duration of payment of compensation has been increased – from two to three months, and for the employment of IDPs among persons with disabilities, the employer will be able to receive such compensation for 6 months.


The government introduced a program to encourage entrepreneurs to hire internally displaced persons in April 2022.

For each IDP employed, the state pays the employer compensation in the amount of the minimum wage (as of 1.01 .2024 – 7100 UAH) for 3 months, for employment of IDPs among persons with disabilities – for 6 months.


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