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Confidence in the hryvnia: Ukrainians purchased government bonds worth more than 60 billion

As of the end of April, Ukrainians purchased government bonds for more than UAH 60 billion, three times more than before the war, which indicates continued confidence in the hryvnia. Head of the National Bank Andriy Pyshny announced this on the “We are Ukraine” channel, Ukrinform reports.

Confidence in the hryvnia: Ukrainians purchased government bonds worth more than 60 billion

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Investments in government bonds

“Public deposits in domestic government loan bonds, as of the end of April, are twice as much as they were at the beginning of 2023, and three times more than they were before the war. Today, the population has placed more than 60 billion UAH in domestic government loan bonds,” Pyshny said.

He noted that this is a certain indicator of maintaining confidence in the hryvnia in the country.

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In addition, deposits in Ukrainian banks in the national currency increased by almost a third, and 97% of this increase accounts for time deposits for a period of 3 months.

“This is at the same time a resource that Ukrainian banks can and should use to develop business lending. And this topic is now a special focus of the National Bank. We are developing a strategy for the development and resumption of lending, because we have managed to ensure exchange rate stability, macro-financial stability, a sufficient level of capital, operating profitability of banks, and their sufficient liquidity,” added the head of the National Bank.

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With the start of a full-scale war, Ukrainians began to actively support the state through the purchase of military government bonds. Currently, this support is the main source of financing for the country.


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