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Croatia has decided to transfer Medvedchuk’s seized yacht to Ukraine – ARMA

The District Court of Split, Croatia, decided to transfer the 92-meter yacht Royal Romance to Ukraine based on a request for international legal assistance. This was announced by the head of the National Agency for Search and Asset Management (ARMA) Elena Duma.

Croatia has decided to transfer Medvedchuk's seized yacht to Ukraine — ARMA

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“Assurances have been received that Croatia expects the speedy transfer of the vessel to Ukraine. According to the Croatian side, there are no legal obstacles to this intention,” she wrote in Telegram.

The Duma added that ARMA has received consent to conduct a re-review of this asset.

“After the assessment of the seized asset, ARMA plans to carry out its sale. The sale of this lot will be the first example of the sale of seized assets located abroad,” explained the head of ARMA.

The Duma also noted that the said yacht sailed on January 25, 2024 for a technical inspection, and assured that the National Agency is keeping the situation under control .

“ARMA keeps the issue under special control and has reliable information that the arrested yacht temporarily set sail on January 25, 2024 to confirm its technical ability, buoyancy and engine operation. These events took place according to the decision of the District Court of Split (Croatia). To ensure legality during the technical check, the process was monitored by the Port Captain with the participation of police officers in Croatia,” she noted.


In March 2022, the 92-meter Royal yacht was arrested in Croatia Romance of ex-People's Deputy and leader of the “OPZZh” party Viktor Medvedchuk. After being transferred to the management of ARMA, they planned to sell it, but this has not happened yet.

Royal Romance belongs to the largest yachts in the world, and its estimated cost is about 8 billion UAH (at the time of release).

The vessel has dimensions of 29 meters in height, consists of 6 floors and is equipped with 2 elevators. Among other things, the yacht has 4 decks, a cinema, a gym, a swimming pool, a spa area and a beauty salon.


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