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Crypto exchange BitMEX will send 1 BTC to the moon with the key to the wallet

The BitMEX crypto exchange, which ranks last in terms of trading volume among other exchanges, will send 1 Bitcoin to the Moon in the form of a physical coin with an engraved key for access to the wallet, where this one BTC lies. The company reports this on the social network X.

BitMEX crypto exchange will send 1 BTC to the Moon with the key to the wallet

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“Bitcoin is integrated into the landing module Peregrine-1, which is heading to the Moon and carrying 20 other payloads from 7 different countries,” the message says.

The device will be launched on January 8, and on February 23 it will land on the satellite.

As of December 5, 2024, 1 bitcoin costs over $43 thousand.

BitMEX is a crypto exchange registered in the Seychelles and, according to CoinGecko, occupies one of the last places in trading – $386 thousand per day (at the time of writing news). Binance remains the leader among crypto exchanges with a trading volume of more than $16 billion per day.

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