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Customs clearance of cars in “Die”: A new bill was registered in the Rada (details)

People's deputies submitted for consideration to the Verkhovna Rada draft law No. 10380, which significantly reduces the human factor in the process of customs clearance of used cars and transfers this process to “Diya”. Citizens will be able to submit electronic customs declarations through the Diya application, and businesses through the Diya portal. Minister of the Ministry of Digital Development Mikhail Fedorov wrote about this in his telegram channel.

Customs clearance of cars in

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How does bill No. 10380 differ from the previous one

As it is now. The procedure for determining customs value is influenced by the human factor. In many ways, the cost depends directly on the customs inspector. Therefore, in the absence of clear criteria, there is potential for abuse both on the part of customs officials and on the part of declarants, who often pay a lower value of the car in order to reduce the customs payment, that is, they actually reduce budget revenues.

How it will be.The Ministry of Digital Development proposes to create a Database of customs values ​​of passenger cars. The database will be formed by the Ministry of Digital Development based on Customs data. The system will contain the customs value of new passenger cars that have undergone customs clearance in Ukraine since 2007, with details: make, model, year of manufacture, type and engine size.

Detailed algorithm for customs clearance through “Diya”

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