• 12/04/2024 11:46

Customs did not allow the sea urchin shell to be sent to the United States: its age is 165 million years.

Kyiv customs officers detained an exclusive Jurassic fossil while trying to illegally send it abroad. We are talking about the shell of a sea urchin aged 161-165 million years. This is reported by the State Customs Service.

Customs did not allow the sea urchin shell to be sent to the USA: its age is 165 million years old

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During customs control of an international mail shipment heading from Ternopil to the USA, customs officers noticed an unusual rough stone with growths. It was sent to the National Science and Natural Sciences Museum to be checked to see if it was of any value.

As determined by experts, this “stone” is the shell of the sea urchin Pygaster michelini, on which Serpula sp settled. According to paleontologists, this is exclusive. The probable location of the find is Trakhtemirov (Cherkashchyna), Dnieper River basin. Geological age is about 161−165 million years.

Experts note that the sample is original and emphasize its perfect preservation. The fossil comes from Caluvian sediments of the Jurassic period. The item has cultural value as a geological heritage.


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