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Electricity tariffs may rise this year – Gosenergonadzor

Electricity tariffs may be increased as early as this year due to the need to attract significant financial resources to restore energy facilities after Russian attacks. This was stated by the head of the State Energy Supervision Inspectorate of Ukraine, Ruslan Slobodyan.

Electricity tariffs may increase this year — State Energy Supervision

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“It is likely that we will still have to consider the possibility of attracting internal reserves – to revise the electricity tariff… Since a really large financial resource is needed to restore electric power facilities, the first stage of such an increase may be advisable to do already this year,” he said.

< p>Slobodyan recalled that the NBU had previously published a forecast that spoke of a gradual increase in tariffs over several years, however, the National Bank’s forecast also noted that electricity prices could rise faster due to the difficult situation in the energy sector.

< h3>Damage

According to preliminary calculations, over the last month and a half, losses have exceeded $1 billion. It is impossible to cover them only through the current electricity tariff and the international assistance available today, so the search for ways to resolve this issue continues.< /p>

Will there be blackouts?

Commenting on the issue of the likelihood of blackouts, Slobodyan noted that we are not talking about a total blackout.

“But blackouts, unfortunately, are possible. “It all depends on how much it will be possible to restore damaged energy facilities before the start of the heating period,” he noted.


“Ministry of Finance “wrote that the Cabinet of Ministers decided to extend the preferential price for electricity for the population in the amount of 2 hryvnia 64 kopecks per kilowatt until the end of May.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution maintaining the preferential price for gas for heat suppliers and hot water for the population until the end of summer.


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