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Finance.ua together with SAGA Development offers investors home insurance

Nowadays, various situations can arise that can damage your home, and this is not only associated with ordinary risks such as floods or theft. Finance.ua together with SAGA Development wants to protect you from unexpected expenses. Having a property insurance policy will help avoid serious financial losses in an unpredictable situation.

Finance.ua together with SAGA Development offers investors to insure their housing

Online apartment insurance at Finance.ua protects your property from:

    War risks . Consequences of falling missiles, explosions of ammunition, except nuclear, biological, chemical weapons.

    Broken glass. Damage to windows, balconies and loggias, including consequences that may arise as a result of military operations.

    Domestic risks. Damage due to fire and smoke, explosion of gas used in everyday life, and water damage.

    Illegal actions. Criminal acts for the purpose of stealing property from your apartment, robbery or robbery.

    Natural disasters. Compensation for damage due to lightning, earthquake and other disasters.

    Unintentional harm. Liability for unintentional damage caused to neighbors.

What are the advantages of insurance

Advantages of taking out home insurance against the consequences of hostilities on Finance.ua:

    Online registration without inspection of the apartment by an insurance company Property can be insured completely remotely Registration of a policy from abroad and from Ukraine Payment in installments from Monobank and PrivatBank Affordable policy cost – from 1351 UAH/year Possibility to insure both your own and rented property Possibility to choose the amount of insurance coverage from 125000 UAH up to 2 ml UAH.


Insuring an apartment is possible only in a rented house; the apartment must be renovated and not pledged (leasing) to a bank or any other financial institution. The policy will begin its validity on the 11th day and will be valid for 1 year.

Using the promotional code “SAGA” you will receive a 5% discount on home insurance.

Insure your apartment online against all risks

Insure your apartment online against all risks



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