• 22/07/2024 19:43

Germany calls for Ukrainians to be given the opportunity to work without knowing the language

The Association of Cities and Municipalities of Germany called for accelerating the integration of Ukrainians in the labor market, giving them the opportunity to get a job without knowing the German language. Liga.net writes about this.

Germany called for providing Ukrainians with the opportunity to work without knowing the language

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Out of 1.2 million Ukrainians who left for In Germany, due to the war, only 25% were working as of early February.

“There is still too much bureaucracy when it comes to integration in the labor market. It will be possible to start work without first taking language and integration courses,” said the head of the Association, Andre Berghegger.

According to him, integration and language learning activities should be carried out in parallel with the start of work.

The head of the Association also noted that the entire system of integration courses for Ukrainians is stagnating.

According to the Federal Employment Agency, in October last year, 129 thousand Ukrainians attended integration courses. Of these, 95 thousand completed the courses in February-March, the rest will complete by September 2024.

“We must be prepared for the fact that refugees from Ukraine will continue to arrive to us. It is also not yet expected that the majority of Ukrainians will return to their homeland in the near future. Therefore, we need sustainable integration structures for this group,” said Berhegger.

Language knowledge is an important factor for employment, but not critical. For example, in Poland, 50% of Ukrainians who do not speak Polish have a job. Among those who know Polish, 80% of Ukrainians are employed.


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