• 15/04/2024 08:34

Google “collapsed” the Polish zloty by 32%: the country’s government is investigating the failure of the search engine

Polish authorities are investigating the cause of a glitch in the Google search engine, due to which for a certain period of time it reflected an underestimated exchange rate between the euro and the Polish zloty. This was reported by “European Truth” with a link to TVN24.


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The Ministry of Finance of Poland officially contacted Google Poland with a request to provide information about the reasons for the false publication on the zloty exchange rate.

On the eve of January 1, in the evening, some financial portals, in particular Google , reflected the euro exchange rate at the level of 5.73 zloty, which means an increase of 32% compared to the exchange rate as of December 29. The confusion also affected the exchange rates of the dollar, pound sterling and franc.

The alleged sharp drop in the zloty caused concern among Polish social media users, although the queues at the ATMs never came.

Polish also reacted Finance Minister Andrzej Domański, who on Twitter (X) called for calm and said that “the rate of the panic-mongering zloty is a “fake” (data source error).

After the opening of Asian markets, the rate normalized to level of 4.34 zlotys per euro, indicates TVN24.

In a commentary on the TV channel, Google’s press service explained that its search functions, including displaying the exchange rate, “rely on data from external sources.”

“If inaccuracies are reported, we contact the data providers to correct errors as quickly as possible,” it added.


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