• 23/04/2024 23:29

Google Pay will stop working in the US

The Google Pay app will stop working in the US to merge with Google Wallet. This is stated in the company's official blog.

Google Pay will stop working in the USA

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The Google Pay mobile application will function for another three months, and transfers can only be made through the service website.

As noted in a Google release, support for the standalone Google Pay app in the United States will be discontinued on June 4, 2024 as part of its payment services consolidation strategy. The most popular features, tap-to-pay in stores and payment method management, can continue to be used directly from Google Wallet, which is used by five times more than Google Pay in the US.

For now, Google is focusing on Google Wallet, which already has many more users in 180 countries. The difference between Google Wallet and Google Pay is international support, as well as storage of information about transport passes, government IDs, driver's licenses and virtual keys to cars.

At the same time, Google Pay will remain available in Singapore and India. The company explained the move by “the unique needs of these countries.” Google notes that this decision is driven by a desire to simplify its payment systems for both users and developers.

This transition marks another stage in the development of Google's payment ecosystem, which began with Google Wallet in 2011 and has evolved through various transformation with the introduction of Android Pay in 2015 and the consolidation of services into Google Pay in 2018. Now the company's priority is Google Wallet, which has a wider range of functionality, in addition to regular payments.

We would like to remind you that in Ukraine Google Pay suspended its work back in 2022.


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