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Historical record: Toyota sold more than 10 million cars in a year

Toyota's global sales for the year rose 7.3% to a record 10.31 million units, exceeding 10 million vehicles for the first time in a fiscal year, helped by strong sales in North America, Europe and Japan. Kyodo News reports this.

Historic record: Toyota sold more than 10 million cars in a year

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It is noted that the record figure was the result of an increase in sales abroad by 7% to a record 8.78 million. units as the automaker increased sales of hybrid versions of popular models such as the Corolla and RAV4 in North America and Europe.

Car sales in the domestic market increased by 8.7% to 1.53 million vehicles, although The company noted that scandals at its group companies had a negative impact on its performance in the second half.

The company's group sales worldwide for the fiscal year, including sales of Daihatsu and truck subsidiary Hino Motors Ltd., rose 5% to a record 11.09 million units.

Auto production

Toyota also reported that the company's global production in fiscal 2023 increased by 9.2% compared to last year to a record 9.97 million cars.

However, car production did not reach the company's target of 10.1 million due to recent scandals with falsification of data in the group's companies.

According to data released by the companies, domestic production of Japan's eight major automakers combined, including Nissan Motor Co. and Honda Motor Co., for the 2023 financial year grew by 8.2% to 8.27 million vehicles.


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