• 18/06/2024 18:19

Ice cream manufacturer Three Bears bought a plant in Poland

The Ukrainian manufacturer of ice cream and frozen semi-finished products “Three Bears” acquired the Nordis company, which owns a plant for the production of semi-finished products and ice cream in Poland. The founder of the company, Dmitry Ushmaev, told the Ukrainian edition of Forbes about this.

The ice cream manufacturer

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“We actually acquired the Nordis plant in Poland. In terms of potential, Nordis is similar to the “Three Bears,” said Ushmaev.

The owner of the enterprise refused to disclose the amount of the transaction and clarified that the Ukrainian company plans to invest in the development of production in Poland.

According to Ministry of Justice of Poland, in September 2023, the Polish plant for the production of semi-finished products and ice cream Nordis changed management.

The new owner of the company was the founder of the Three Bears company, Dmitry Ushmaev. The director of the Ukrainian manufacturer Andrey Tishchenko also joined the Nordis supervisory board.

The Nordis company owns a plant in western Poland and warehouses. The company produces more than 100 types of ice cream and semi-finished products. Nordis also has a distribution network in 19 cities in Poland. The previous owner and CEO of Nordis is Slawomir Jankowski.


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