• 26/05/2024 10:28

In the context of emission, Bitcoin has finally become scarce than gold – experts

After the halving, Bitcoin completely became more scarce than gold. This is evidenced by Glassnode analysis data.

In the context of the issue, Bitcoin has finally become scarcer than gold — experts

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Before the last halving, miners mined 19687500 BTC , which is 93.75% of the final supply of 21 million BTC. Over the next 126 years, 1,312,500 BTC will remain to be issued, half of which in the next four years.

The stable issuance rate of 0.83% has become lower than that of gold (2.3%). The emission is only 0.1% of the volume of on-chain transfers, trading volume in the spot and derivatives markets.

The impact of halving on the available trading supply decreases over the course of cycles not only due to a reduction in the number of mined coins, but also as the scale of the asset and the ecosystem around it expands.


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