• 16/04/2024 13:23

In Ukraine, more than 210 thousand workers were removed from shadow employment last year

Thanks to the measures taken by the State Labor Service to reduce the level of shadow employment, in 2023, more than 210 thousand people who worked without formal labor relations were officially employed. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Economy.

In Ukraine last year, more than 210 thousand workers were removed from shadow employment

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“We finance the costs of defending our country exclusively through the fees we collect, including labor taxes. Every business operating “in white”, every officially employed Ukrainian, because of the taxes paid, helps our defenders and defenders defend the country,” noted Deputy Minister of Economy Tatyana Berezhnaya.

The Ministry of Economy reminded that from June 2023 The State Labor Service was given the opportunity to carry out unscheduled inspections of employers during martial law to comply with legislation in the field of labor protection.

During this time, the service conducted 269 unscheduled inspections, during which 3,935 violations of labor legislation were identified. Based on the results of the inspections, business entities were issued 279 orders to eliminate violations.

State Labor inspectors also carried out 92 control measures on issues related to registration of labor relations.


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