• 12/04/2024 11:37

International reserves rose to 40.5 billion

Ukraine’s international reserves increased for the first time since September to $40.507 billion. Such data were published on the National Bank’s website at the beginning of the year.

International reserves increased to 40.5 billion

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In December, international reserves increased by 4.4% compared to November due to foreign exchange receipts from international partners, which exceeded the net sale of currency by the regulator and the country's debt payments in foreign currency.

In particular, the National Bank sold on the foreign exchange market $3.56 million and repurchased $6.1 million into reserves. Thus, the net sale of NBU currency in December amounted to $3.55 billion, an increase of 1.4 times compared to November.

Increase in NBU interventions in The sale of foreign currency in the past month is primarily due to the seasonal factor, in particular due to the intensification of budget expenditures at the end of the year.

Also last month, Ukraine paid $708.2 million for servicing and repaying public debt, of which $420.9 million to the International Monetary Fund, $167 million for government bonds, $62.8 million to the World Bank; $32.9 million to Deutsche Bank AG, London and $24.6 million to other international creditors.

At the same time, $5.54 billion was received into the government’s foreign currency accounts at the National Bank. Of this amount:

    $2.46 billion – through the World Bank Trust Fund, including from Japan, Norway and the United States; $1.81 billion – macro-financial assistance from the EU; $881.6 million – from the IMF; $332 million – from the placement of foreign currency domestic government loan bonds (OVDP); $56 million from other international partners.

In addition, in December, as a result of revaluation, the value of financial instruments increased by $426.7 million.

“The current volume of international reserves provides financing for 5.4 months of future imports,” says the report. message.

In general, in 2023, Ukraine’s international reserves increased by 42%.


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