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It’s cheaper to assemble an Easter basket in Poland than in Ukraine – study

This year, collecting an Easter basket for a family of four in Ukraine will cost 1,422 UAH and 1,326 UAH in Poland. This is evidenced by data from the Institute of Agrarian Economics and the analytical center of the international employment agency Gremi Personal.

Assembling an Easter basket in Poland is cheaper than in Ukraine — research

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Poland was chosen for analysis because it has the largest number of Ukrainians who are abroad They also prepare for Easter.

Consequently, the cost of homemade Easter according to the traditional recipe will be 179.8 UAH per 1 kg in Ukraine and 185 UAH in Poland. The most expensive ingredients are meat dishes.

The researchers calculated the cost of the basket at 0.5 kg for each product. Homemade sausage in Ukraine costs 200 UAH in Ukraine and 244 UAH in Poland. Boiled pork 265 UAH. in Ukraine and 195 UAH. in Poland. The cost of lard in Ukraine is significantly less – 110 UAH, while in Poland – 200 UAH.

In Ukraine, among dairy products, you will have to pay more for hard cheese – at least 265 UAH per half a kilogram, while while in Poland the price will be 117 UAH.

For butter we will pay 194.75 UAH, in Poland – 185 UAH. Soft cheese is much more expensive in Ukraine – 107.5 UAH, while for the same weight in Poland they will pay 68 UAH.

For a jar of horseradish (250 g) in Ukraine they will pay 27 UAH and 39 UAH in Poland . For 150 grams of salt, 3 and 5 UAH, respectively.

Assembling an Easter basket in Poland is cheaper than in Ukraine — research

Income level

From the analysis it is clear that the difference in the cost of prices for products is minimal, however, the agency pays attention to the level of income in both countries.

If in Poland the average monthly salary is 59,332 UAH (6,061 zlotys including taxes), then in Ukraine 17,442 UAH.

“We observe a minimal difference in the cost of products in Ukraine and Poland, but it is important to take into account the level of income in each country. Given that the average monthly salary in Ukraine is almost three times less than in Poland, it is clear that Ukrainians spend a significantly larger percentage of their income on products compared to residents of Poland.

Thus, considering prices for products without taking into account income may lead to an incomplete understanding of the economic situation in both countries. Therefore, there is still a tendency for Ukrainians to come to Poland to work and return to Ukraine to spend what they earn,” noted Evgeniy Kirichenko, founder of Gremi Personal.


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