• 23/06/2024 19:43

Japan expanded sanctions against Russia

Japanese authorities decided to expand sanctions against the Russian Federation and add to the list of goods prohibited for import into Russia. This was reported by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Japan has expanded sanctions against Russia

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The list of goods prohibited for supply includes various types of vessels – fire and crane vessels, floating docks, floating and submersible platforms for drilling and resource extraction, yachts, sports vessels.

The import of fossil fuels, mineral oils and products made from them, such as motor lubricants, is prohibited; products of inorganic chemistry and precious metals, as well as their inorganic compounds (hydrogen chloride, aluminum hydroxide); plastic and items made from it (nitrocellulose); tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, zirconium, rhenium and products made from them.

The ban will affect steel products, including pipes for oil and gas transportation, electrical equipment and its parts, including lithium-ion and nickel-hydrogen batteries; heating boilers, power tools, grinding machines, wood processing equipment, cork, hard rubber and plastic.

At the same time, the list of sanctioned goods included optical equipment and photographic equipment, measuring instruments and testing instruments, precision rangefinder equipment, their parts and accessories. As an example of this category of goods, a microtome and a thermostat are mentioned.

At the same time, Tokyo prohibits the import of non-industrial diamonds originating from Russia.

The ban will come into force on May 10.

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