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Kievgorstroy will gradually unfreeze projects from the summer of 2024

Kyivgorstroy carried out an analysis of the projects, and subject to the approval of the mechanisms and sources of financing by the Kyiv City Council, starting from the third quarter of 2024, their gradual unfreezing. This was announced by the president of Kievgorstroy Vasily Oleynik, writes Interfax-Ukraine.

Kyivgorstroy will gradually unfreeze projects from the summer of 2024

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“During this month and a half, we managed to inspect all the construction addresses – we have 25 of them, with a total of more than 120 houses, analyze the state of affairs in the company and, together with the team, determine the directions in which we plan to move in order to stabilize Kievgorstroy. Physical measurements of all scopes of work were carried out, which makes it possible to plan. We are faced with tasks and challenges, among which the priority is to find sources of financing,” he said.

According to Oleynik, a real stabilization plan “Kievgorstroy” will depend on the volume of funds raised.

Where do they want to get the money

He clarified that several options are being considered. In particular, cooperation with the communal enterprise “Zhilye-Invest”, which can purchase a certain number of apartments under the “Rent with Purchase” program. According to the analysis, the available volume of apartments in completed buildings makes it possible to attract about UAH 500 million.

In addition, it is proposed to transfer to the city several completed and commissioned operation of kindergartens.

According to Oleynik, since they were built earlier, these buildings need to be adapted to increased safety requirements. If the city agrees to buy these kindergartens after additional equipment of the storage facilities, this will be able to give Kievgorstroy another 200-300 million UAH for the completion of the facilities.

B At the same time, this amount (UAH 700-800 million) is only enough to restart several sites. To fully defrost objects, you need about 2 billion UAH per year, and in general, as previously announced, about 4 billion UAH in 2024-2025.

“We are negotiating with state banks – Ukrgasbank and Sens – on lending under government guarantees and collateral. The key could be an increase in the authorized capital of Kievgorstroy, if the deputies of the Kyiv City Council support this issue, which would be a real help now,” Oleynik outlined real mechanisms for the resumption of the company’s work.

He added that today every month of downtime costs the company about 10 million UAH (stabilization of facilities, taxes, etc.).

According to Oleynik, with the accumulation of the necessary funding, a phased, starting with five, launch of all facilities is possible from the summer of 2024.


Auditors found that the activities of Kievgorstroy were disrupted due to external factors – COVID-19, a full-scale war, the Ukrbud factor.


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