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Kyivstar allowed to connect eSIM with a contract using BankID and “Diya”

Kyivstar provided the opportunity to connect an eSIM with a contract through identification through the NBU BankID service or document sharing through the Diya application. This was reported by the operator's press service.

Kyivstar allowed to connect eSIM with a contract using BankID and

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“Previously, to obtain an eSIM with a contract connection, you had to personally visit the Kyivstar store or sign the necessary documents through a courier. Now this can be done thanks to online identification,” noted Kyivstar.

To issue an eSIM with a contract, you need to select a contract tariff on the Kyivstar online store website. Using BankID or Diya, the subscriber can download the necessary documents, fill out the form and sign the contract online using a graphic signature. After this, he will receive a QR code for installing eSIM.

Thanks to eSIM technology, the user can have several numbers on one smartphone without worrying about the availability of slots in the device. Also, eSIM does not have a statute of limitations, so it does not need to be updated.

In total, 337 thousand subscribers have currently chosen eSIM, and eSIM with a contract form of service is used by 75 thousand users.

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