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Lithuania extended temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees

Lithuania has extended temporary protection for refugees from Ukraine for a year, until March 2025. LRT reports this.

Lithuania has extended temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees

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Ukrainians who fled the war to Lithuania and got a job in this country were also extended by one year to study the Lithuanian language.

“Foreigners who have been or have been granted temporary protection in the Republic of Lithuania are exempt from the category of proficiency in a state language. language for employment within 3 years after the provision of temporary protection in Lithuania,” says the decree of the Lithuanian government.

The current decree assumes a two-year period.

According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, the provision on extending the period of language proficiency will apply to both beneficiaries of temporary protection and those who have received temporary protection, but have already acquired a new status, for example, a work permit in Lithuania.

< p>“Opportunities for Ukrainians to study the Lithuanian language will continue to be provided with the help of funds financed by the Employment Service or through a system of individual study accounts,” the ministry’s letter says.

In mid-March last year, the State Language Inspectorate informed politicians that from March 2024 it would begin to check the knowledge of the Lithuanian language of Ukrainian refugees working in the country.

The letter noted that if employers do not provide a certificate of passing the language exam, their workers, “the language inspectorate and municipal language managers will be forced to take action.”

Such plans of the State Speech Inspectorate outraged government representatives.

According to the Ministry of Social Protection and Labor, since the beginning of the large-scale invasion About 30,000 Ukrainians were employed by Russia in Ukraine in Lithuania.


Until March 4, 2025, temporary protection for Ukrainian refugees was extended, in particular, by Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Denmark .

The “Ministry of Finance” wrote that on February 9, the Polish Sejm adopted an amendment to the law, which continues assistance to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war until June 30, 2024, and also extends tax benefits for those who provide assistance until the end of the year. humanitarian assistance.


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