• 19/04/2024 11:06

Manage paid subscriptions in FUIB Online

FUIB cares about its clients and does everything to make the financial life of Ukrainians more convenient and comfortable. Have you ever encountered a situation where you suddenly find out that your card is being charged monthly for access to a subscription service that you haven’t used for a long time? FUIB made sure that bank clients no longer fell into the trap of “forgotten” subscriptions and launched a new service – monitoring and managing subscriptions in the FUIB Online application.

Manage paid subscriptions in FUIB Online

Advantages of the service:

< p>• No unexpected charges – all information about paid subscriptions to online services, applications and other services in one application.

• Subscription management. Turn subscriptions on and off in the application.

How to set it up? Open the FUIB Online application => Payments => Subscriptions. Or gear card details – Subscriptions.

Manage paid subscriptions in FUIB Online

Not a FUIB client yet? Download the FUIB Online application and register using digital documents. The service is available both in Ukraine and abroad. Registration is possible with both a Ukrainian and a foreign number.

Plan your finances wisely – control your expenses with FUIB Online!


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