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Morgan Stanley: Bitcoin and central bank digital currencies will be able to dedollarize the world

Morgan Stanley Corporation analysts examined global market trends and came to the conclusion that the role of the US dollar as the cornerstone of the international financial system can be reconsidered.

Morgan Stanley: Bitcoin and central bank digital currencies will be able to dedollarize the world

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Morgan Stanley experts justify their conclusion with an argument: growing interest in digital assets such as Bitcoin, growth in the turnover of stablecoins, as well as real prospects Applications of central bank digital currencies (CBDC) in cross-border payments are changing the world.

“Although these innovations are still in their nascent stages, they offer opportunities to undermine the hegemony of the dollar. Macro investors should consider how these digital assets, with their unique characteristics and growing adoption, could change future dollar dynamics, including implications for global financial stability and monetary policy,” say investment bankers.

Head of Digital assets of Morgan Stanley Andrew Peel believes that the process of de-dollarization of the global economy can be significantly accelerated by the launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs, as the weekly inflow of funds into these new products already exceeds billions of dollars.

The last 15 years have seen a steady increase in the popularity of BTC , and now the first cryptocurrency is owned by more than 106 million people around the world, recalls Andrew Peel.

Earlier, Epiq Bankruptcy analysts addressed businesses with a warning: against the backdrop of a worsening global macro-financial situation and an increase in the number of bankruptcies, one should be more attentive to using hedging instruments such as cryptocurrencies to overcome the crisis.


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