• 24/05/2024 21:26

NAPC plans to automate the filling out of declarations

The National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NACP) plans to introduce partial auto-filling of declarations until October 12, 2024. The head of the agency, Viktor Pavluschik, spoke about this in an interview with Forbes Ukraine.

NAPC plans to automate the filling out of declarations

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Data for declarations will be pulled from registers to which NACP has automated access, Pavluschik noted.

At the same time, this will not apply to all information which the person must reflect in the declaration, he adds. For example, the registers do not contain data on objects abroad, cash, cryptocurrency, antiques, etc.

According to Pavluschik, the new approach will help avoid technical errors, for example, when instead of the value of an object they put its cadastral or registration number .

The presence of one technical error can create a high risk rating for the declaration and, as a result, it will be subject to full verification. As a result of the innovation, NACP employees will be able to check declarations faster.


The “Ministry of Finance” wrote that in 2023 the Verkhovna Rada returned electronic declarations.

For 2021 NACP received 650,000 annual declarations in 2022, and 640,000 in 2022. Of these, 27 declarations passed full checks; their results revealed false information totaling UAH 21.5 million.


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