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NBU: in April one new participant appeared in the non-banking financial services market, 12 left the market

The number of participants in the non-banking financial market in April decreased, in particular, from 1056 (as of March 31, 2024) to 1045 (as of April 30, 2024). The number of banks remained unchanged and amounted to 63. This was reported by the NBU press service.

NBU: in April one new participant appeared in the non-banking financial services market, 12 — left the market

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Eight financial companies and two pawn shops were forcibly excluded from the registers, at the same time, two insurers were excluded at the initiative of the applicant. One insurance broker is also included in the register.

During April, three financial companies and two insurers had all their licenses forcibly revoked, while five more financial companies and two pawnshops had their licenses voluntarily revoked (based on their applications). The National Bank agreed to narrow the scope of the license for the type of activity providing financial services to seven financial companies.

As of April 30, the following worked in the non-banking financial services market:

    581 financial companies (from 589); 84 non-life insurers (previously 86), 12 life insurers (no changes) and one insurer with a special status; 121 pawn shops (from 123); 127 credit unions (no changes); 5 lessors (no changes); 40 insurance brokers (from 39); 74 collection companies (no changes).

In addition, 18 banking groups are recognized on the market (the number has not changed) and 22 non-banking financial groups (the previous number was 21).

There are 18 payment systems created by residents in the payment market, taking into account state-owned (the number has not changed) and 15 international payment systems created by non-residents (the number has not changed).

The number of financial payment service providers has also not changed. On the market there are:

    20 payment institutions; 12 financial institutions authorized to provide payment services; one bank is an electronic money issuer; one postal operator.

Other entities operating in the payment market include 41 commercial agents (from 40) and 36 technological operators of payment services (the number has not changed).

In April, the National Bank received 372 requests from market participants for registration and licensing actions. The number of requests for financial companies, pawnshops and lessors amounted to 247, insurers – 79, credit unions and collection companies – 24, banks – 20, payment service operators – 2.


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