• 18/06/2024 18:02

NBU reduced net sales of foreign currency to $507.8 million

The NBU reduced its net sale of foreign currency to $507.8 million from $532.4 million a week earlier. This is stated in the regulator's data.

The NBU reduced the net sale of foreign currency to $507.8 million

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How much currency was sold

The NBU sold $508 million on the interbank market, while it bought back only $0.24 million.

The official hryvnia exchange rate strengthened by 21 kopecks over the week ., in particular, on Friday the national currency rate increased by 14 kopecks. — up to 39.3969 UAH/$1.

On the cash market, the dollar also fell in price by about 5 kopecks over the week. – up to 39.83 UAH/$1, including for Friday – by 3 kopecks.


As the Ministry of Finance wrote, the NBU increased its net foreign exchange interventions on the interbank market in April by 27.7% – to $2.283 billion, while for the same period last year they amounted to $1.370 billion.

Since October last year, the NBU has been responding to the situation on the market, reducing or raising the rate of intervention. The dollar exchange rate on the interbank market in April increased by about 60 kopecks from 39.00 to 39.60 hryvnia.


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